Roguelike Celebration

Roguelike Celebration 2023

Oct 21-23, 2023

When and Where?

Roguelike Celebration 2023 will be held on Saturday and Sunday October 21st and 22nd, 2023 as a virtual event in our custom-built multiplayer game/chat space. Talks will also be streamed to Twitch and YouTube.

There was also a preview event held on September 10, 2023 with the talks streamed on Twitch and YouTube. The full stream recording is available on our channel on YouTube.

2023 Main Event Speakers & Talks

We're excited to announce our speaker lineup for our main 2023 event! A schedule will be posted nearer to the event.

F: full talk; L: lightning talk
Klingons, Hobbits, and the Oregon Trail: Procedural Generation in the First Decade of Text Games (more)
Fusing AI with Game Design: Let the Chaos In (more)
Preventing Ear Fatigue with Roguelike Music (more)
Live Action Roguelike (more)
Touching Grass & Taking Names: Tuning the Blaseball Name Generator (more)
Scoped-down design: Making a tiny roguelike (more)
The Fortunate Isles: Fragment Worlds, Walled Gardens, and the games that are played there (more)
Another Stupid Date: Love Island as a Roguelike (more)
Backpack Hero - Player Upgrades and Progression (more)
Alphaman: Developing and releasing a post-apocalyptic Roguelike game in the DOS days when computers were slow, memory was scarce, and no one had ever heard of object-oriented code. (more)
Fireside chat about the development of NetHack (more)
A Simulation with a View (more)
Procedurally Generating Puzzles (more)
Why Dynamic Content Selection Is Hard (more)
Hunting the Asphynx: Roguelikes, Provenance, and You (more)
McMansions of Hell: Roguelikes and Reality TV (more)
Fictions of Infinity in Geological Finitudes (more)
Exploring Pacifist Roguelikes (more)
Generating Riddles for a Generated World (more)
Generating Procedures: Rule and System Generation for Roguelikes (more)
In Defense of Hand-Crafted Sudoku (more)
Play as in Stage Play: Designing Dynamic Narrative Moments Through Character Acting (more)
Abstract Space Exploration in The Banished Vault (more)
Design tooling at Spry Fox (more)
Audible Geometry: Coordinate Systems as a Resource for Music Generation (more)
The Data Science of Roguelikes (more)
Remixing the Layer Cake: Facilitating fan reinterpretation through Caves of Qud's modular data files (more)
A Messy Approach to Dynamic Narrative in Sunshine Shuffle (more)
Generating boring levels for fresh experiences in Heat Signature (more)

Preview Event Schedule

September 10, 2023

CEST (Mon)
S: social time; F: fireside chat; T: talk
Fireside chat about the making of Diablo (more)
Play as in Stage Play: Designing Dynamic Narrative Moments Through Character Acting (more)
Fireside chat about Roguelite citybuilder Against the Storm (more)

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