Roguelike Celebration

Celebration 2019

The Roguelike Celebration happened on Saturday and Sunday October 5th and 6th, 2019 at the GitHub office in San Francisco.

Video recordings of all talks are available on YouTube.

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Friday, October 4th

7:00Opening party hosted by BackerKit, 1265 Folsom St

Saturday, October 5th

9:00Doors Open
10:00Alexei Pepers - A Guide to Proc Gen Practitioners (bio)
10:30Isaac Karth - Why Do You Want to Generate That? A Vocabulary For Talking About Procedural Generation (bio)
11:00- break -
11:15Max Kreminski - Designing AI systems to support player storytelling. (bio)
11:45Spencer Egart - Procedurally Generated Ritual Spell Systems (bio)
12:00Adrian Herbez - Let's get Physical: 3d Printing for Roguelikes (bio)
12:15Andrea Interguglielmi - Designing a turn based roguelike inside a real time simulated environment, and the many headaches that come after (bio)
12:30Lunch (Palmyra)
2:00Mark R Johnson - Speech Generation in a Procedurally Generated World (bio)
2:30Everest Pipkin - Corpora as medium: on the work of curating a poetic textual dataset (bio)
3:00- break -
3:15Max Hawkins - Mapping Activity Space - Adventures in Randomized Living (bio)
3:45Robin Sloan - Writing with the machine: GPT-2 and text generation (bio)
4:15- break -
4:30Todd Furmanski - 1 Button, 2 sprites, 4 directions, 8 Creatures, 16 Kilobytes: Experiences Making "Dragon's Descent," a Roguelike Action Game for the Atari 2600 (bio)
4:45Leif Bloomquist - Updates to Commodore 64 and Retro Multiplayer Roguelike Development (bio)
5:00Dungeon Court (run by Randy Lubin and Raph D'Amico)
6:00Dinner (Curry Up Now)
7:00Arcade and Party (themed alcoholic + non-alcoholic cocktails from GitHub's bartenders)
10:00Go Home

Sunday, October 6th

9:00Doors Open
10:00Thomas Biskup - Thoughts about modern roguelike user interfaces (bio)
10:30JP LeBreton - All Possible Glyphs: Playscii, an ASCII art, animation, and game creation tool (bio)
11:00- break -
11:15Benjamin Berman - Tips, Tricks and History for Card Game Roguelike Design (bio)
11:45Patrick Devine - 2D Sprites with Unicode and Golang (bio)
12:00Evan Ovadia - ASCII, Sprites, and Symbolic Graphics (bio)
12:15Gabriel Santos - ASCII Art Techniques & Animation (bio)
12:30Lunch (Tropisueno)
2:00Brian Bucklew - Dungeon Generation via Wave Function Collapse (bio)
2:30Scott Kovach - Managing Game Logic With Rule Systems - Using Relational Programming to Build Games (bio)
3:00- break -
3:15Kawa - Yet Another Conduct Conversation: a history of conducts in roguelikes (bio)
3:45Jim Shepard - Blooming on the Battlefield: Relationships, Rivals, and Romance in Gameplay (bio)
4:15- break -
4:30Andrea Roberts - That's the Way the Ball Bounces: Using Physics to Manifest Chance in Roundguard. (bio)
4:45Aaron Santos - Optimizing procgen parameters using mini-batch gradient descent (bio)
5:00Stella Mazeika - Is This Even Randomized?: Turning Classic Games Into Multiplayer Roguelike Experiences (bio)
5:15Roguelike Trivia Game Show
6:00Head Out


Google Open Source
Google Open Source provided funds for catered meals during the 2019 conference.

GitHub logo
GitHub donated use of their office event space from 2017-2019, including recording video and audio for the talks.

Noisebridge logoNoisebridge word logo
Roguelike Celebration 2019 was sponsered by Noisebridge, a hackerspace for technical-creative projects, doocratically run by its members. It is a non-profit educational institution intended for public benefit. We're grateful for their service as our 2019 fiscal sponsor.

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