Roguelike Celebration

Roguelike Celebration 2022

Main Event
October 22-23, 2022

When and Where?

Roguelike Celebration 2022 will be held on Saturday and Sunday October 22nd and 23rd, 2022 as a virtual event in our custom-built multiplayer game/chat space. Talks will also be streamed to Twitch and YouTube.

2022 Talks & Speakers

Roguelikes and NeurodiversityBlair Salzman
Telnet, a New Session, and transsexualizing the pastCara Esten Hurtle
Object Biographies: An Archaeological Approach to PCGFlorence Smith Nicholls
The Baltimore Orioles Effect: Hey! Stop poisoning my image prompt!Janelle Shane
This is too hard! How to broaden your game’s target audience with smart difficulty tricksPhilomena Schwab
Persistence and Resistence: How narrative in roguelikes is currently underutilizedSherveen Uduwana
Remembering Moria - a roguelike before the roguelikesSantiago Zapata
Procedural Music Generator for Tea GradenSonat Uzun
How hard can it be to create a non-violent rogue-lite dungeon crawler?Tabea Iseli
"La Horde du Contrevent": A Novel That Didn't Know It Was A RoguelikeYounès Rabii
Constraint Based Generation is a swiss army knifeAdam Newgas
Causal Graphs for Procedural GenerationAlex Byaly
Seeking Treasure in the Tangled Bank: Biological Inspiration for Roguelike MechanicsBenet Devereux
How To Let Your Players Take The Wheel (without crashing the car)Chris King
Simulating History as You’re Living Through It AKA Everyone is a Bunch of Concerns in a Trench CoatDustin Freeman
Perfect Synergy: How Roguelike Developers and Streamers Form the Perfect EcosystemDylan Gedig
Smoothing the Sharp Edges of RNGEvan Debenham
Creating a Modding System for RoguelikesGeorge Moromisato
This Puzzle Is Secretly A DungeonJack Schlesinger
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the CataclysmJeremy Rose
A Small Clump of Pixels: Creating the Sil-Q TilesetJoel Ryan / Microchasm
A Million Little Players: Monte Carlo Simulations for Game DesignPhenry Ewing
Tips and Tricks in Procedural GenerationPierre Vigier
Common "Pitfalls" of Roguelike Traps and How to Circumvent ThemReed Lockwood
Procedural 3D environments on a budgetSergio Garces
Choice Design in RoguelikesSersa Victory
Prototyping your games with spreadsheetsTyler Robertson
Controlling your generator using Expressive Range AnalysisAbdelrahman Madkour

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