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Celebration 2020

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Roguelike Celebration 2020 was on Saturday and Sunday October 3rd and 4th, 2020 as a virtual event in our custom-built multiplayer game/chat space. All talks were also live-streamed on Twitch and YouTube for free.

Tweets: @roguelike_con + #roguelikecelebration.

We ran a preview event on August 30 with sneak peeks of a few talks, which you can watch here.


All times are in US Pacific (UTC -7).

Saturday, October 3rd

9:00Doors Open
9:30Professor "Prof" Brown - Why do I even like roguelikes? An exploration of player motivation (bio)
10:00Tabitha Sable - Curses! A Story of UNIX Interface Hardware and Software Co-Evolution (bio)
10:30Unconferencing #1
11:30Andrew Aversa - The End of Permadeath (bio)
12:00Tyriq A Plummer - YASDery Loves Company: Multiplayer in Traditional Roguelikes (bio)
12:30Leif Bloomquist - Dungeon of The Rogue Daemon: A multiplayer roguelike for retro and modern platforms (bio)
12:40- break -
1:30Rosalind Miles Chapman - Hungry Rogues: The evolution of roguelike hunger mechanics (bio)
1:40Julian K. Jarboe - Procedural Sound Design for Roguelikes (bio)
1:50Albert Ford - Vision Visualized (bio)
2:00Dustin Freeman - Procedurally Generating Technology Trees (bio)
2:10Andrew Clifton - Don't generate, hash! (Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love SplitMix64) (bio)
2:20Mark Gritter - Procedurally Generating Economies with Graph Grammars (and Math) (bio)
2:30Darren Grey - What Is A *Rogue* Like? (bio)
3:00Andrea Roberts - Designing a Roguelike for People Who've Never Played Roguelikes (bio)
3:30- break -
4:00Phillip Daigle - Rogue's Gate: Feeling Around in the Dark (bio)
4:30Herbert Wolverson - Procedural Map Generation Techniques (bio)
5:00bhauth - What Makes Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup a Good Game? (bio)
5:30Eli Delventhal - Help Me Steal the Mona Lisa (bio)
6:30Game Showcase & Unconferencing #2
7:30Doors Close

Sunday, October 4th

9:00Doors Open
9:30Xalavier Nelson Jr. - Procedural Generation for Dogs (bio)
9:40Max Kreminski - Synthesizing Story Sifters (bio)
9:50Clarissa Littler - (roughly) a hundred days of poetry in partnership (bio)
10:00Nicholas Feinberg - ??learndb's silliest corners (bio)
10:10Tanya X. Short - A Procedure for Changing Culture (bio)
10:30Games Showcase & Unconferencing #3
11:00The Game Band - A Perfectly Mundane Blaseball Experience
11:30Cat Manning - How To Build A Character System That Doesn't Fall Apart Two Turns Later (with apologies to PKD) (bio)
12:00Gabriel Koenig - Good Mutation/Bad Mutation: Player Agency in Procedural Generation (bio)
12:30- break -
1:30Caelyn Sandel - Teaching the Fun of Losing (bio)
2:00Ivy Melinda - A flower in the garden: cultivating a community for Caves of Qud (bio)
2:30Kate Compton - Making Polite Programming Languages: How to Design a Generative Language without a Programming Language Degree (bio)
3:00Aaron A. Reed - Cadences, Lacunae, and Subcutaneans: Ten Years of Procedural Novels (bio)
3:30- break -
4:00Julian Day - Poetry at the Edge of Roguelikes: Writing Around Iterative Media (bio)
4:30Todd Furmanski - Mysty Roguelikes, or: Using First Person Point-and-Click Paradigms with Realtime Graphics and Simulation (bio)
5:00Lee Tusman - Lower Dimensional Dungeons (bio)
5:10droqen - The roguelike spirit without procedural generation (bio)
5:20Josh Grams - Turn-based Space Flight? (bio)
5:30Adrian Herbez - Make a thing to make a thing: a primer on 3d-printable Procedural Content in the Browser (bio)
5:40Younès Rabii - There’s A Skull In My Garden: How simple interactions can give new meanings to generated things (bio)
5:50Duke Dougal - My 30 year quest to find a lost Roguelike (bio)
6:00Closing Announcements
6:15Unconferencing #4
7:30Doors Close


Thanks to Christen Alqueza for designing our livestream graphics / video overlays!

Thanks to Tyriq Plummer for designing our 2020 t-shirt!

Thanks to Maggie of White Coat Captioning for doing live captioning for our talks, for better accessibility for all!

Our MUD social space is by Emilia Lazer-Walker (one of our organizers), and the code is open source here.

Game showcase

Within our chat/social space, there was a game showcase! Here are direct links as well.

Gesuido, by Ryosuke Mihara

Project Earth, by Michael Taylor

WizardWars.IO, by R. Riley Holmes and quantumpotato

Computer Dungeon Slash: ZZT, by KKairos

Peglin, by Red Nexus Games

Auto Fire, by Patrick Lipo

Lords of Cyberspace, by Christopher Swenson (port), Mark Peterson (original author)

Fuzz Force: Spook Squad, by Alan Igle

[email protected] Showdown, by Seth Alter

Rift Wizard, by Dylan White

Happy Grumps, by Glenn LaBarre

Roundguard, by Andrea Roberts

Nongunz: Doppelganger Edition, by Mike Corrigan

Ultimate ADOM: Caverns of Chaos, by Team ADOM

Cantrip, by Joeri Bakker


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Roguelike Celebration 2020 was sponsered by Noisebridge, a hackerspace for technical-creative projects, doocratically run by its members. It is a non-profit educational institution intended for public benefit. We're grateful for their service as our 2020 fiscal sponsor.

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