Roguelike Celebration

Celebration 2018

The Roguelike Celebration happened on Saturday and Sunday October 6th and 7th, 2018 at the GitHub office in San Francisco.

Video recordings of all talks are available on YouTube.

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Friday, October 5th

6:30pmPre-event meet-up at Thirsty Bear (661 Howard St)

Saturday, October 6th

9:00amDoors, coffee and breakfast provided by GitHub
9:45Welcome / Announcements
10:00Josh Ge: How to Make a Roguelike
10:30Santiago Zapata: Roguelikes as automated Dungeon Masters: a historical overview
11:15Andrew Aversa: Tangledeep and the Puzzle of Roguelike Difficulty
11:45Bob Nystrom: Is There More to Game Architecture than ECS?
12:15pmLunch provided by GitHub
2:00Jim Shepard: Storytelling, World Building, and You
2:30Jongwoo Kim: Subjective Simulation Design: Ludonarrative Congruence in the Shrouded Isle
3:15Alexei Pepers: Nethack: Tech Tourist Mode
3:45Thomas Biskup: Ultimate ADOM Preview
4:30Arcade + Mingling
6:00Dinner! Party! More Arcade!
10:00Go home to rest up for day 2!

Sunday, October 7th

9:00amDoors, coffee and breakfast provided by GitHub
9:45Welcome / Announcements
10:00Tarn Adams: Villains in Dwarf Fortress
10:30Brian Walker: Procedural level design in Brogue and beyond
11:15Danny Day: Dynamic Event-Listeners in Desktop Dungeons
11:45Thomas Biskup: There be dragons: Entity Component Systems for Roguelikes
12:15pm Lunch provided by GitHub
2:00Pippin Barr + Jonathan Lessard: Chess + Rogue = Chogue
2:30Leif Bloomquist: Multiplayer RogueLike for the Commodore 64
3:15Max Kreminski: Gardening as a Mode of Play
3:45Colin Liotta: Rogue Puzzles: A rundown of the roguelike puzzle in the 2017 MIT Mystery Hunt
4:00Lightning Talks (feat. Kawa & Alexei Pepers): Time for short talks - sign up here!
4:45Jason Grinblat + Brian Bucklew + Nick DeCapua: Choose Your Own Playthrough of Caves of Qud
5:30Farewell + post conference hangouts at a bar nearby!


2018's speakers included:

  • Tarn Adams - Creator of Dwarf Fortress - talking about Villians and other updates to Dwarf Fortress!
  • Thomas Biskup - Creator of ADOM - talking about Entity Component Systems in games!
  • Josh Ge - Creator of Cogmind - talking about how to make a roguelike!
  • Jim Shepard - Creator of Dungeonmans - talking about the secrets of storytelling in games!
  • Brian Walker - Creator of Brogue - talking about level generation techiques!
  • Santiago Zapata - Creator of Temple of the Roguelike and Ananias - talking about the history of roguelikes!
  • Max Kreminski - Computational Media PhD student at UC Santa Cruz - talking about gardening as a mode of play!
  • Colin Liotta - Jack of many trades - talking about his roguelike puzzle for the 2018 MIT Mystery Hunt!
  • Jongwoo Kim - Developer at Kitfox Games - talking about subjective simulation design and ludonarrative congruence!
  • Jonathan Lessard & Pippin Barr - Professor at Concordia University and Director of LabLabLab - talking about Chogue the chess roguelike!
  • Bob Nystrom - Game programmer and author of Game Programming Patterns - talking about techniques for game design!
  • Leif Bloomquist - retro game and electronic music enthusiast - talking about making a multiplayer roguelike for the Commodore 64!
  • Alexei Pepers - Game designer and accessibility researcher - talking about the joys of delving through the Nethack codebase!
  • Andrew Aversa - Creator of Tangledeep - talking about calibrating difficulty in games!
  • Danny Day - Creator of Desktop Dungeons - talking about dynamic event listener systems!


ADOM logo
ADOM sponsored the Roguelike Celebration 2018 arcade party.

GitHub logo
GitHub donated use of their office event space for Roguelike Celebration 2018, including sponsoring food and recording video and audio for the talks.

Noisebridge logoNoisebridge word logo
Roguelike Celebration 2018 was sponsered by Noisebridge, a hackerspace for technical-creative projects, doocratically run by its members. It is a non-profit educational institution intended for public benefit. We're grateful for their service as our 2018 fiscal sponsor.

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